Plants are considered as perishable goods. However, unlike food, they are alive and in need to be extensively taken cared of for them to thrive and live long after the shipping or transporting period.

To help you get started, here are some tips in making sure that your plants are good to go for packing and shipping.

  • Remove the soil. Without soil, your package will definitely become lighter and less of a flight risk. The soil that your plant is rooted on might get flagged for having insects, bacteria, or certain materials that might be harmful or banned in other areas.
  • Take care of the roots. After washing your plant’s roots, it is okay to leave a few traces of its soil; having a few residual materials in the roots helps the plant transition faster in a new environment.

It is a common misconception that plants need to be wet or moist to prepare for the long travel time. However, it is a better idea to keep them dry, and instead, wrap the roots in moist paper towel before securing it in a plastic bag. If your plant will be shipped for days to come, keep it hydrated by adding a solution of a couple of teaspoons of polymer moisture crystals diluted in water.

  • Avoid using materials that can harm or bruise your plant. Because the journey is already rough, make sure that your plant is wrapped in soft, yet sturdy packaging materials. Steer clear from aluminum foil and metal wires because they can injure the stems. We also do not recommend tape because although they can secure your plant, they can be a hassle when being peeled off.
  • Get the right container. Your box needs to be just the right size for your plant, meaning, it should only give a small allowance of space inside to avoid your plant from getting rattled. Use newspaper or foam to fill in the spaces.

When it comes to the quality, make sure that your box is sturdy and well-formed enough to handle the trip.

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