Packing things, moving furniture, organizing your work space, and cleaning your home can be seen two ways: You can either treat them as chores, or have fun and use these activities as stress-relievers.

Here are tips on how breaking a sweat at home or in your office can turn can help reduce your stress levels.

Tip #1: Physical activities help release happy hormones.

Routine exercise not only burns calories, but also your stress, worries, unresolved anger, and unreleased tension. Science has proven that breaking a sweat helps your body release happy hormones called endorphins that generally uplift your mood and boost optimism. However, not everyone has time to go to the gym.

This is why lifting boxes, regularly mopping and sweeping the floors, wiping the windows, or even dusting and packing items can contribute to your physical activities. Small 10-minute bursts of physical activities can go a long way.

TiFeed-Hungryp #2: Less clutter helps lessen stress.

If you have a lot in your mind right now, then you don’t need to see more things cluttered in your home or office.

To start with, try assigning containers for the kinds of items you have; remove clutter, whether it is garbage or unnecessary items; organize your paper and files; and most of all, aim for a place with room to breathe in. Remember: less clutter means less reason to get stressed.

Tip #3: Find meditation through cleaning.

Learning from certain cultures and traditions, a repetitive act in a peaceful environment lets the mind drift into a sea of meditation. Cleaning can be considered a repetitive act that requires minimal critical analysis.

Tip #4: Spring cleaning can be a social activity.

A cleaning activity doesn’t have to be in hues of brown, gray, and black. Play some music, have snacks and drinks on the side, and have friends help you pack. For girls, one of the best pegs would have to be “Sex and the City” topped off with Madonna pop classics. Just remember to mind your things and be responsible in organizing.

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